camino de santiago

Our next trip is the spiritual pilgrims walk on the Camino De Santiago in April/May 2018. We can’t wait! However…

My Gumby Moon Shoe

10 days ago in mid April I was out playing tennis and fell over on my ankle. It hurt like hell and after a trip to the doctor and then the X-Ray centre the diagnosis was not good. Broken bone in the 5 metatarsal! Not great with the Camino walk just 17 days away. Fortunately there has been no need for it to be plastered. I have been icing and elevating it for the past 10 days and now have a moon shoe! The ankle is fine it’s just the bone in the middle of my outside foot which is where the 5th (or small toe) metatarsal is.

And let me just say the moon shoe looks ridiculous. I call it the Gumby look. I look like an extra on the movie Village of the Damned or Attack of the Zombies! But hey…it helps and in Spain no one will know me. I hope!

Not an ideal preparation and Joy has just come home after seeing a doctor about her foot and she has just had 4 cortisone injections. What the? She has had a Morton’s neuroma for a few years and gets a cortisone every 2 years when it gets sore (it is between her big 2 toes). After scans she also has bursitis in all her toes on the same foot so she had 4 injections! I think we will both need a wheelchair to get around Spain!

Being the doggedly determined and positive people we are we will be fine. I am getting walking poles and will have my moon shoe with me. It’s an ugly thing. I look a little like Herman Munster in a certain light!

The Camino De Santiago has been on our radar for 7 or 8 years. In Fact ever since watching the Martin Sheen movie, The Way. It’s a great movie and highlights the Camino beautifully. It also is a bit of a tear jerker so have some tissues handy. Click on the link just below to get your own copy of the movie.

We have always been interested in travel and after watching The Way we really wanted to give it a go. We put it off a few times but finally nailed down some dates and times, booked the flights and now we go. As of this writing we leave on Sunday, April 22nd 2018. We are doing 5 days in Madrid as its 30 hours travel time for us so not ideal. In fact a bloody pain. This is why I am so jealous of my family and friends who live in the Uk and other parts of Europe. Everything is so bloody close!

So please follow our posts and enjoy our journey with us. We like to think you are indeed there with us.

Also we are organising our next 2UpTravel Camino Meditation tour. Please check the events page for our next dates. We would love you to join us and be part of this amazing experience that is ‘The Camino De Santiago.”

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