A question I get asked all the time is ‘How Do I Get Out of My Comfort Zone?’ The thing is if your not sure if you are out of your comfort zone then you definitely are not. The simple answer to the question is if you feel uncomfortable then you are outside that thing called a comfort zone.

I recently spent a day up in Far North Queensland at a local Parkrun. Everyone who completes the free timed 5 kilometre run is getting out of their comfort zone big time. There are people in their 80’s running, parent’s pushing prams, over weight people who are inspiring as they walk the 5 k’s.

It’s a fabulous thing to do every Saturday and they are held all around the world so there is no excuse for not doing joining in.

How Do I get Out of My Comfort Zone?

I need to send a big thanks to Lorraine Lawson who is the run director and all the volunteers and runners for joing me and allowing me to speak to them in the video. Cairns parkrun started back in August of 2013 with 35 runners (I was one of them!) and now regulary gets between 150 and 200 Parkrunners a week.

So my question is what are you doing to get out of your comfort zone and are you going to tell me about it? You can leave a comment below. Would love to hear what you are doing to improve your life and become the best you can.

Kevin during a Parkrun 5k Event

So many people remain stuck in their lives, never fully reaching their full potential. We get caught up in minor drama’s and think that is our life. It’s only when we start living in the present moment that we realise there is so much more to our true self.

Getting out of our comfort zones demands a real effort and not some idea that sounds good but doesn’t last.

I know so many people who hate their jobs but stay with them for fear of not being able to find what it is they love. And of course most people don’t even know what it is that they love!

If you can relate to this then maybe it’s time you started taking stock.

Here are 5 quick tips to help you find your passion –

  1. Stop hanging around with negative people. They will stop you growing
  2. . Spend a weekend going deep inside yourself and unearth what it is that you truly love.
  3. Spend more time with positive people. People who will support your ideas and offer to help.
  4. get a morning routine happening – Meditate – exercise – run, swim or walk every morning.
  5. Start working out how you can make a living by doing what it is you love.

Your time is now. Stop waiting. Tomorrow never comes. You already know that! Don’t stay stuck in a job that you hate. You are wasting your life and we only have so many days on this earth.

As all those who take part in Parkrun know, life is what you make of it everyday. Today is your day…

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4 Replies to “How Do I Get out of My Comfort Zone?”

  1. Hey Kevin, I think those are some greats points about finding your passion . I think some quotes and a little more elaboration on the 5 points would help the reader a little more. Other than that, good article!


  2. Kevin I certainly enjoyed your book. I chucked at the beginning as I detected a bit of Charles Dickens in your writing. You touched on so many emotions that I ran through in the loss of my Son. During the 7 days that Aaron was in a coma after he tried to commit suicide I had this hope that he would live. But if he had there was so much damage done to his brain he would have been a vegetable and I knew Aaron would have hated that. He had such a beautiful mind. My Husband and my daughters were by his side most of them. If his wife wanted to see him she had to wait until we left. She didn’t dare come when we were there. Aaron loved her with every fiber of his body mind and being. She moved out and in with another man and the told him over face book that she wanted a divorce. Aaron spiraled and hung himself . For him his life was over. He sent me a short message. The last message to me. He said Mom I’m sorry , I love you.. I cried all through the funeral. His wife had the nerve to bring the new boyfriend to the service. I had to hold my husband and daughters back . I said no we are here to honor Aaron and there will be no display of anger on his day. I will deal with her after this is over. Which I did. I didn’t even raise my voice to her. It was the only time I saw tears come from her eyes. I told her she had other options or choices of leaving my Son the way you chose was to humiliate him and cause him more pain than you knew that he could bear. You had no right to do that. I told her I would never forgive her. That her name would never be mentioned again in our house hold. That for us you cess to exist. I thought I had drained all of my tears in that 7 days period but at the service I lost it completely, then came the year of complete numbness. and 6 months after Aaron’s death I was in intensive care. Everything was shutting down. My Oldest daughter would talk about Aaron with me because she knew I needed that. My husband and my youngest daughter had blocked up. Ed wouldn’t talk about Aaron, nor would Erica. I knew they had to because both were getting sick. Holding everything in. It took my youngest 3 years when she wrote the number of days Aaron had been gone and it took my husband 5 years . This Christmas he talked about Aaron. I suppose it doesn’t help that Aaron’s birthday is Christmas day. I will be rereading your book again. The group you started is amazing. This book you have written has touched me like nothing else could I went for counselling for a year. She was so good, We had a lot in common. I flew for 28 years and loved it. My counsellor was one of the first flight attendants on board TCA in Canada now called Air Canada. We had a lot in common. in the end when I was crying, She cried right along with me. And the day that I bought Aaron’s CD in where he sang with his a Cappella group at University, she cried as hard as I did. She fell in love with who my Son was. Thank you for writing this book

    1. Hi Wanda,

      Thanks so much for your comment and for sharing your story. Never easy when we lose a loved one. Glad you enjoyed Do I Have to Cry to Say Goodbye. It really is a book where you will cry, laugh and be inspired. Many blessings to you and your family,


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