Day 3 – How to have an adventure in New Zealand. How do you take off a bra in Bradrona? Keep reading.

How can you not love New Zealand? This is day three of our trip and Ally and I are both loving it!

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Loving our trip!

Day 1 and 2 had proven to be really exciting and had opened our eyes to the beauty that seemed to be around every corner on the South Island of New Zealand.

After a really good nights sleep in Lake Hawea we were up nice and early for breakfast. The porridge we bought in Lake Tekapo was going down really well and although it takes Ally 3 hours to get ready in the mornings (I am only half joking!) we really savoured our breakfast at Liz’s beautiful Airbnb in Lake Hawea.

A quick shower each (well mine was quick, Ally’s a fair bit longer) and we were off to savour the sights and sounds of our third day on the South Island.

We were not too far from Lake Wanaka so that was our first destination.. We hadn’t planned anything and were just lapping up the scenery and marvelling at what the day might bring. As it turned out day 3 was probably our busiest. I look back now and think ‘did we really do all that in one day?’

Lake Wanaka

The beautiful Lake Wanaka

Before we left Lake Hawea we walked down to the lake. It was nice and sunny but blowing a gale. The lake truly was magnificent and just touching the water felt magical. At times like these I often think what magical stories could these lakes tell.

Driving into Lake Wanaka was definitely a highlight. You drive up a reasonably steep hill and then as you get to the top and start the climb down the lake suddenly appears like a portrait right in front of you. The sun was shining, the water was a deep blue and there was snow on the mountains surrounding the lake. This was definitely a ‘WOW!’ moment!

Ally begging for food – Lake Wanaka

We parked along side the lake and just stared at it for a while in awe, before we got out of the car and went for a walk. Kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and swimming was happening out on the lake. Don’t forget it was 30 degrees everyday on this trip and there was snow on the mountains. We really came here at the perfect time.

It didn’t take long for Ally to get hungry again and I was feeling a bit that way too. I managed to find an organic cafe that sold Acai bowls! Hallelujah! I had been searching for an acai bowl all trip as I love them and I finally found one. (You don’t know what an acai bowl is? Click here)

My acai bowl

I ordered my acai bowl, Ally ordered I think 10 hamburgers and fries. Haha just kidding. I can’t remember. What did you order Al? Anyway there was a really nice little rear courtyard in the cafe so we headed out there and sat down. Now there is always some weird person you come across no matter where you go. A guy came out who it seemed had ordered an acai bowl too and sat on the table next to us. I always say hi to people (Which sometimes annoys Ally especially if we are in a lift…hmm I think it probably annoys some people I say hi to as well.) and I said hi to this guy. He just kind of stared back. So we kept eating. But he kept staring. “Nice day.” I said. He just kept staring. Ally gave me that look of “He’s a total nut job dad!” and I gave her the same look back.

We finished our meal and as we got up to leave I said to the nut job ‘Have a nice day.’ To which the said nut job stared and gave me a glare. I don’t believe there were any serial murders in or around Lake Wanaka around the time we saw this gentleman but if there were he would be a prime suspect.


Ally and I loved Wanaka and decided we would definitely return and stay here one night before we left. But for now it was off to Queenstown.

It was drizzling rain as we drove along the lake into Queenstown. Bit of a dreary kind of a day. Everyone had told me that we would love Queenstown and we did. Just not as much as Wanaka. You know how all your friends tell you how great a movie is and then you go and see it with these massive expectations and feel a little let down? Well that is kind of what Queenstown was like. Don’t get me wrong it’s beautiful it was just a fraction below expectations. At least the drive in was. The dreary rain and dark clouds probably didn’t help.

However once we were in the heart of the town we really liked it. It was really busy. Car parks were few and far between and you had to pay for parking in most areas.

ferg burger queenstown
The famous Ferg Burger

Ally had been told that she had to go to a place called Ferg Burgers while we were there because they had the best burgers in the world. The ‘best burgers in the world?’ That is a pretty big rap. Apparently they have queues lined up outside the door for a few blocks. I am not a huge hamburger person but Ally was really keen to try them. And it had been a good 25 minutes since she last ate.

After finding a car park we had a nice walk around the town before we stumbled across Ferg Burgers. Ally was right. They were lined up out the door and half way up the main road! The place was chocca’s! (chocka’s means absolutely full) there were people inside pushed in like sardines and the line to order was a mile long.

I am not someone who likes waiting in lines too long so I suggested we give it a miss. Ally had lost 2 kilo’s the past hour from not eating so she was more than happy to wait in line. She had to tell her friends she ate a Ferg Burger.

Catching up with the local Police

While she waited I went for a walk. Now being an ex copper from Melbourne I enjoy chatting with the local members of the Constabulary whilst I am in another country. As luck would have it two New Zealand Police Officers were walking towards me doing a foot patrol of the area. I said hi and fortunately they just didn’t stare at me and say nothing. They were friendly and we had a good chat about the best places to see and where to stay. They also loved Lake Wanaka. It’s nice meeting new people and meeting the local cops is always a handy and good thing to do. After taking the obligatory selfie with them I headed back to see Ally at Ferg Burgers.

When I got there Ally was in a deep conversation with what seemed like a European male tourist. He talked a lot. Ally gave me that look of ‘Get me out of here dad! NOW!’ I moseyed on over and just as I was about to chat with her they called our number for food. I have never seen her move so fast. We picked up the burgers and left pronto. As I looked back the European male tourist was still talking. I think to himself. I don’t think he realised Ally had left the conversation. Good move Al!

Sitting down eating our burgers by the lake was nice. My burger was ok but I am not going to rave about it. Ally thought her’s was the best she had ever had. Ally said she was full but I knew in an hour or so she would be starving again.

So the review of Ferg Burgers? Definitely worth going for the experience. Amazingly friendly staff and the burgers are ok. Ally would say they are beautiful. 8/10

Bra’s, Bungee’s and Cromwell

View from the Bungee Jump – No thanks

We decided that we would drive to Cromwell for the night which from memory is around 1 hours drive north-east from Queenstown. We found an airbnb property and booked in. It is such a freeing experience being able to just look online, find a place we like, book it and drive there. Mobile phones and the internet can be evil. But for what we need it for it is pure bliss.

It was a beautiful drive to Cromwell. Along the way we stopped at the Queenstown Bungee Jump centre. We were going to Bungee Jump… Haha just kidding! No way would I do that. Yes it is out of my comfort zone and one day I will. Just not today. Ally thought exactly the same thing. But we did have a look and it didn’t look too scary. I think it helps that you are actually already on the bridge where you have to jump and you don’t have to climb 1,000 stairs to get there helps. There is one in Cairns that you have to climb up to and that is damn scary.

Also there was a function being held there so we couldn’t have jumped even if we wanted to. Which we didn’t. Next time…

how to take off your bra
BRAdrona – How do you take off your bra?

A few further k’s up the road we came across the weirdest thing. I had often wondered how to take off a bra. Well when I was a teenager anyway… But seeing a fence lined with bra’s that women had obviously taken off? Well that was weird.  A fence lined with bras. We had to take a look. There is a little car park and a sign telling us that we are in BRAdrona. A bra fence set up for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. It was quite amazing. It is in the middle of pretty much nowhere and there are literally thousands of bra’s along the fence. The reason they call it BRAdrona is because it is in the quaint little village of Cardrona. So if your ever driving through BRAdrona and need to know how to take off your bra let me know. You can leave it on the fence.  Ally figured she paid good money for her bra’s and didn’t want to leave one alone on a fence in the middle of nowhere. Well, in the middle of Bradrona.

The Cardrona Hotel

Cardrona had the cutest old pub and the country side is stunning. And Yes there is a lake there. There is a lake everywhere on the South Island! It’s so beautiful.

Everywhere we drove in New Zealand was really beautiful. Ok. Except for the first hour driving on day 2.

Anyway it was time to leave bra’s and old pubs and keep moving towards our digs for the night.

We finally arrived at our airbnb in Cromwell and met our hosts, Elaine and Richard. Really nice modern home and what was a bit unusual for us is that it was in an estate surrounded by other homes. That was a slight disappointment but when we chatted with the hosts we discovered there is a lake two blocks away. Of course there is! This is New Zealand after all haha!

Beer time with Ally in Cromwell pub

We unpacked our stuff and went for a walk to the local pub. Yes Ally was still hungry. It was a nice old pub and Ally and I let our hair down a bit with a few nice cold ales. Had a great meal and then listened to the band for a while. I was loving having a few drinks with Al!

Unfortunately at around 10am (and for me my bed was calling) Ally wanted to kick on and watch the late band. I told her I had to drive home and had had too much to drink now. She reminded me we actually walked to the pub. Oh yea, so there goes that excuse. Not long after we made our way back home and hit the sack. The good part was Ally had her own room this time so I didn’t need to worry about her reading till 5am with the light on. Bliss!

Another great day on the South Island of New Zealand! Looking forward to our hiking trip tomorrow in Arrowtown!

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12 Replies to “How to Have an Adventure in New Zealand – Day 3 – How Do You Take off a Bra in BRAdrona?”

  1. I have to get back there!

    I never went to Lake Wanaka and it looks so beautiful. Kayaking and stand up paddle boarding would be brilliant.
    Did you have a bike ride there?

    Can’t wait for day 4 and your hiking adventure!


  2. Great post with some beautiful pictures and it sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. I would of left my Bra, just to say that I did. Ha, ha. I have never been to New Zealand, but it looks and sounds wonderful. I cannot believe they were swimming and doing water sports when it is 30 degrees outside. I love the way you write and I will be checking out more posts, again great post.

    1. Hi Bobbi,

      It was 30 celcius so about 88F! very warm. It was a great trip and the bra thing was definitely something different! Thanks for the feedback on my writing. Appreciate it 🙂


  3. It looks so beautiful…New Zealand will be on my bucket list until I can get there. I love your writing and your pics, Kevin…like I was visiting right alongside you and Ally.

    Tell me, how ever does she stay so thin and eat so often?! 🙂 Many hellos and thanks for a great post.

    1. Hi Terri,

      Thanks so much for your comments. I have no idea how she stays thin haha! However I was the same at her age. We eat a lot but with all the exercise and energy it just drops off. Glad you are enjoying our journey! See you again soon,


  4. Looks like a really beautiful place to visit. The wife and I have been wanting to do some traveling and see more of the world. This place is definitely in the running. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Doh

    1. Hi Don,

      Thanks so much. Yes I highly recommend New Zealand. It was not a place I had thought much about but after our adventure I highly recommend it.
      You and your wife would love it.



  5. What a fabulous rendition of Day 3! I’m heading to New Zealand this time next year, and am looking for ideas of where to go and what to do, so this is perfect. Lake Wanaka looks stunning, thanks for sharing. I love your writing style too, very easy to read and entertaining. Ali sounds like my 19yr old, loves her food lol! I’ll go check out the acai bowl now 🙂

    1. Hi Kathleen,

      Wow thats great you are going to New Zealand next year! You really will love it. Make sure you get to Lake Wanaka and Milford Sound. They are must do’s! Thanks for the positive feedback on my writing, appreciate it. See you there sometime,


    1. Hi Dini

      Lake Wanaka is just the best! Loved it there. The lakes and mountains are like a stunning postcard. Seriously good. You better start saving for New Zealand haha! See you there soon 🙂


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